About US

Ennoble IP is an IP Consultancy focused to work for STARTUPS, SMEs, UNIVERSITIES & RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Indian Universities, SMEs and startups have huge potential and do lot of innovations, but lack of awareness put them behind and simultaneously lose their valuable IP assets. We at Ennoble IP take pledge to raise this awareness among Indian Entity and protect their IP through best solution at reasonable cost.

Intellectual Property is being increasingly viewed as one of the most valuable intangible assets. Managing this important asset requires strategic planning along the lines of the company’s vision. We help clients identify, protect, manage and exploit their Intellectual Property to its full potential.

Intellectual Property, of recent, is also playing a vital part in organization’s plans of growth. We help clients identify synergies in IP portfolio and even identification of IP from seed level for facilitating decision making.

We help our clients in Generating, Identifying, protecting, commercializing their IP rights. In short Ennoble IP believes that Universities, SMEs, Startps, individual inventors/scientists/ R&D personnel, managing Intellectual Property would mean providing hand-holding support through stages of IP life-cycle from conceptualization and protection to commercialization stage.

We also undertake educational initiatives and impart knowledge through workshop, lectures and training to interested parties which range from employees in an organization, R&D personnel to aspiring college students.




At Ennoble IP, we lay stress on ‘accountability through actions’ not only for our clients but also for our fellow team members.



We recognize that our every client have unique requirements and no ‘one-size fits all’ solution exists. We deal with Innovations and there is no reason why we cannot be innovative with our solutions. So, we creatively adapt to various client requirements and preferences, be it cost consideration, an impossible deadline, requirement for a dedicated team of Ennoble IP team members or even relocating to on-site location for confidentiality requirements.



We believe that happiness of team members is paramount for ensuring happiness of clients. So at Ennoble IP, we work towards creating a joyous environment conducive to providing a quality service.