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For effective monetization of IP assets, it is necessary to identify all the possible revenue generating opportunities. For monetizing IP assets, the strategy is due diligence on the company’s own portfolio and that of its competitors. All of these can be lumped into what is often referred to as Competitive Intelligence. So Competitive intelligence can be cross used to monetize value for IP assets. Ennoble IP offers the following comprehensive IP Monetization analysis services which enable the clients to make informed decisions about monetization of their IP assets. We’ll advise you on how to use your IP to create maximum revenue by analyzing what your IP is worth in the market place.

Some particular IP Monetization services we offer are:




Patent due diligence review is conducted to assess and reduce the risks associated with a business transaction of patents or portfolio of patents among organizations. Before acquiring a patent portfolio, this patent due diligence review is done by the potential purchasers. Due diligence review includes analyzing each and every patent of a portfolio and their patent prosecution history, to understand the validity problems, enforceability problems, claim scope and infringement possibilities. There are three primary areas of focus for the IP due diligence review:

Ownership, Status and Control of the IP Assets
The Strength and Economic Value of the IP Assets, Geographical Coverage of a Portfolio
The Potential Liability for Infringement

Your due diligence plan should consider each of these areas in relation to your prioritized list of target IP assets. Ennoble IP provides custom patent due diligence report on an organization’s IP portfolio.



Before launching any product in a particular jurisdiction, it is of high-priority to perform a clearance or a patent infringement search to know whether the target product is at the risk of infringing a patent(s). Mostly patent clearance or infringement searches are done prior to significant investment in a particular product so as to avoid developing a product or process on which some third party holds valid patent rights. This search will clearly indicate the infringement if any exists, and also helps in making further decisions like licensing the patents which are infringed by the target product.

We generate a precise clearance/infringement report after tedious studies and we bring to you a clear picture on the potentially infringing patents.

Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) Studies

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches are used to investigate the risks of potential patent infringement before launching a new product. FTO Searches are also Jurisdiction based.

Freedom to Operate Search is an extension of Patent infringement Search where our focus is only In-force patents. But in FTO search, the expired patents and publicly available documents are also considered in addition to in-force patents, to prove the non-infringement of the target product against any in-force patents. The search covers patent and any publicly available documents searched globally.



Identifying the alignment between the patents & products portfolios of your own and your competitors’ is an important aspect of commercialization of Patents. To assist our clients in this task, we offers Patent-to-Product mapping or Product-to-Patent mapping services. Important aspects and features of a product is evaluated against independent claims of the matching patents line by line. Ennoble IP’s Patent-to-Product mapping report is helpful in identifying – potential infringing patents, strong patents of a company, and unused patents in a portfolio for out-licensing and also helpful in identifying competitor’s strong and weak areas. We do Patent-to-Product and Patent-to-Standards mapping studies thoroughly and carefully.

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