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Ennoble IP is committed to providing experienced, cost-effective and professional legal assistance and paralegal services to patent and IP attorneys worldwide.

As trained paralegals we play an important role in the patent and trademark process – from managing the specialist IP administration, to preparing documentation and helping you in docketing. We support you end-to-end in filing and maintaining patents.

Whether one needs quick research, documentation, help on a specific project or support with on-going assistance, Ennoble IP is well prepared to assist and add value to your legal team.

   Patent Paralegal Services

For any technology company or R&D, it is important to keep watch on the IP activity of your competitors. Ennoble IP provide it’s clients with patent application monitoring and we alert on a regular basis about the latest patents in preferred field of invention. This adhoc monitoring will help clients who search for any abandoned/rejected/invalid patents in a particular domain so that they are free to use that technology without any legal risks.

   Responding to office actions

An examining attorney sends an Office action to notify an applicant about issues with his or her application. This type of action will include the reason why registration is being refused or what requirements must be satisfied. We at ennoble IP have a specialized team exclusively to handle office actions and revert back with the template that holds all necessary information that caters to the office action sent by the examiner.

   Patent Proofreading Services   

Patent Proof reading is the process that identifies the errors in the issued patents and is an important last step in controlling the quality of patents and ensuring enforceability.

Patents are implemented in the manner in which they are granted and hence the errors will have an effect on patents. Errors may happen on the face page, in the claims or in the entire specification covering the drawings as well. The errors may be of different types like clerical error, incorrect figure, incorrect claim numbering, grammatical errors, error in claim dependencies, typographical errors, repetition of textual matter etc.

Ennoble IP expert team can provide patent proofreading service to identify all the errors and omissions, including missing claims, grammatical/typographical errors, and document formatting as per standards, dependency verification and consistency checks.

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