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In this challenging financial climate, IP assets are capable of transforming funding options available to businesses, particularly as finance providers increasingly recognize the ability to take security over these valuable assets under different corporate structures.

Ennoble IP has been carrying out a variety of IP valuations for clients in different scenarios in order to:

   Provide a purchase price allocation of goodwill and intangibles

   Support a seller’s exit value negotiations with a purchaser

   Facilitate the intra-group transfer of IP assets

   Secure funding from a pension fund using IP assets as security

   Support fundraising by leveraging the value of patents or other IP assets

   Support the sale of IP assets as part of a value release strategy

   Secure bank support by offering IP assets as security

For any organization to maintain its relevance and profitability, it should give equal amount of attention to its IP & patent portfolio, which is a significant factor of an organization’s value. The business value of a company is based on a collection of IP i.e. IP Portfolio. A decent IP portfolio comprises a reasonable number of patents that are mapped to business products, Trademarks for the variety of business products, designs of various products and other combination of other IP rights. The strategy has to be in place to make use of unutilized patents & other IP by monetizing them.

IP Portfolio Management normally involves technically segmenting the organizations patents according to their presence & influence in and around a particular technology. The segmentation will help you to identify the value of each individual patent family in a portfolio according to their technical quality, enforceability, offensive/defensive strengths & business value. This process involves in-depth analysis of each and every patent of the portfolio concerned and their technology. Based on the analysis, further strategic decisions can be initiated by the organizations. The Strategic decisions may include In-licensing/Out-Licensing of Patents, New R&D investments, or Pruning out unwanted patents.

Patent Scientists of Ennoble IP are well-versed in analyzing and identifying the value of every single IP/Patent which is a key point for any portfolio analysis. Based on the analysis we provide actionable intelligence report which helps the clients to make well informed strategic business decisions in timely and cost-effective manner.

Ennoble IP’s Competitive Intelligence Services helps in identifying, collecting and analyzing the competitor’s activities around a particular technology. Future product strategy of a company can be formulated using patenting activities and trends in that technology area across competitors. IP Competitive intelligence helps decision makers to make strategic business decisions and also track their competitor’s IP and business strategies. We offers customized competitive Intelligence services according to the need of the clients.

On the basis of all the factors and the research findings, a competitive analysis report is prepared to help the client understand the competitive scenario in timely manner.

“White space is where unmet and unarticulated needs are uncovered to create innovation opportunities”

White space analysis is a process and tool that allows us to look at the landscape up and down the value chain with a new lens. It can help uncover opportunities that are not obvious, it can identify new openings untouched by competitors, or it can be considered part of what was traditionally deemed a remote, different industry or outside the boundaries of the firm. Some white spaces might have a little patenting activity and some might not even had any patenting activity at all. Our services will provide you viable solutions for all your innovation roadmap decisions.

In-depth patent mining combined with statistical analysis will help you identify this technology Gap/opportunity or White Space in a Particular technology area. Ennoble IP’s white-space report of technology enables our clients to identify the future potential research areas. Our Clients will get charts showing technology growth and white-gap area where further R&D can be done to gain a competitive edge and to carry out incremental innovation for new product development. We help clients by our White Space Analysis Report to take well informed investment decisions when looking for growth in existing technologies.

Every day hundreds of patent and scientific documents are added in each technology area of your interest. It is important that we keep a track of these patent and NPL documents and segment them by technology classes of your interest to get market intelligence and to make informed decisions on a daily/weekly basis.

How we can help:

   We compare and classify patents and NPL data using categories that have business and organizational relevance

   We classify / tag large patent data based on given taxonomy; we understand the taxonomy is dynamic and will change and we adapt to changing business needs

   Evolve based on your ongoing business needs

   Our categorized IP data will give you deep business insights, provides technology segmentation and market intelligence

   Categorized patent data helps you in keeping a real-time watch on the technology area of your interest

Validity or Invalidity studies are comprehensive searches which are performed mostly in cases of a patent infringement law suit, to prove a granted patent invalid and also these searches are performed during licensing to assert the claims of the target patent is valid or not . We conduct prior-art searches from patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature, (i.e.) books, journals, relevant literature, and internet publications, rather than just gathering information from prosecution history or file wrapper. Our process of validity/invalidity searches goes beyond simple claim comparison. We understand the entire specification as it relates to the claims at issue. We do not stop at database searching when we take on an invalidity search. Given the time and budget, our prior art search will dig up old product brochures or out-of-date products, locate peers of inventive entities, investigate trade show disclosures from a decade ago, or do whatever else it takes to invalidate a patent. We even look for relevant videos, if necessary. Also, physical embodiments of the products and evidence of sale and public use may be provided wherever retrievable.

As a part of Patent Landscaping & Analytics we do in-depth analysis of both patent and non-patent references. The Patent Landscape exercise is a deeper analysis of patent and non-patent references after completion of the state of the art search for a particular filed.

At ENNOBLE IP, a Patent Landscaping exercise results in the categorization of patents into fundamental discoveries versus incremental improvements, a visual display of patenting over time periods and the history of development of a technology.

Our report discloses variety of information including competitors, active key players, patenting trends and possible future developments relating to a specific technology. Our reports includes easy-to-digest diagrammatic representations of both past and current patenting activities of various big, medium and small players in the wide–spectrum of any given technology area.

Our Landscape analysis reports include graphical representations / mapping of data which enable you to easily understand the entire technology landscape.

Our Landscape supports you to analyze further, plan and adapt your research activities considering the overall landscape.

Key business benefits of our Analytics and Landscape reports are:

   Aids in Strategic research planning & Business planning

   Supports you in operational planning of specific research activities

   Helps in understanding the competitive landscape and key players involved

   Can be used to understand the patent information from an overall perspective

   Understand the landscape before launching a product / specific technology in a market

   Determine whether to enter a specific research area

   Stay ahead of others with in-depth understanding of a specific technology

Our technology landscape and patent mapping services identifies potential competitors, potential inventors, and potential gaps in R&D and market opportunities with respect to the particular technological area or industry. It also identifies the patents which are important and patents which not in force but related to your area of interest.

The analysis and the reporting format can be custom-made based on your specific business requirements.

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