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Technology & Research Companies

“Securing and segmenting intellectual property assets helps technology companies to maximize business value.”

Ennoble IP helps research and technology based companies in Identifying, protecting and commercializing their IP.

Strategically aligning intellectual property with business plays a vital role in success of every technology company. Technology companies should create, protect, maintain and manage intellectual property to stay ahead of competitors. To frame an IP strategy that is aligned to the business goals, it is very important to obtain actionable intelligence by performing tedious analysis on thousands of technology documents including patents.

Performing such tedious IP analysis is becoming more complex and demands considerable amount of your time and resources. Our Patent Experts, have a decade of experience in handling technologies of varying complexities and perform comprehensive strategical intellectual property analysis. We combine information on changing industries, technologies, strategies with our in-depth understanding of IP to provide complete IP Lifecycle services ranging from IP Creation, IP Prosecution to IP Monetization, IP Litigation and IP Management.

Our offerings for Technology or research based industry, Medium & Small Enterprise as well as Startups and Unicorns help intellectual property assets to foster & grow their businesses.

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