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Monthly Archives: February 2022

NFTs abound, as do scams. Here’s how to keep away of them.

We’ll focus on NFT scams in today’s article so you don’t lose your digital collectible before generating any money. In recent months, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have sold in the millions of dollars. Whether it was Jack Dorsey’s tweet, which sold for $2.3 million, or a dog’s photo, which sold for almost $4.3 million. Whether you agree with the concept of NFTs or not, digital treasures in the form of art, GIFs, films, music, and other assets cannot be overlooked. NFTs,

In a Trade Secrets case, Facebook loses the right to receive the specifics of the litigation funder

Facebook Inc. would no longer get information about third-party funding of a trade secrets litigation from an artificial intelligence start-up. The start-up Neural Magic Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the social media behemoth. The complaint was filed in federal court in Boston. The lawsuit is being heard by U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler. He did, however, deny Facebook’s petition to discover in an electronic order so that the sought material may be tagged as irrelevant or not appropriate to

Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” lawsuit, a new twist has emerged.

Followers of Pirates of the Caribbean should pay attention because we have a fresh update upon this case. A California Federal Judge Marshall just blocked Disney’s attempt to dismiss a case involving the widely known Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This dispute dates back to November 2017, when Lee Alfred II and Ezequiel Martinez Jr. filed a lawsuit against Disney over through the franchise. The duo claimed that their spec film challenged pirate stereotypes by making Davy Jones amusing rather than

While the trademark dispute was settled out of court, the High Court orders a full refund of court fees

The Delhi High Court restored the whole expenses in a Trademark Suit, stating that parties who resolve their disagreement privately from outside the modes authorized under Section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure are entitled to a full refund of fees. In doing so, Justice Suresh Kumar Kait’s single-judge bench alluded to the Supreme Court’s decision in the matter of The High Court of Judicature at Madras Rep. by its Registrar General Vs. M.C. Subramaniam, 2021 Latest Caselaw 83 SC. Learned

Nike Files a Lawsuit Against a Retailer That Sells Sneaker NFTs Because of Virtual Shoes

Nike sued online reseller StockX in federal appeals court in Nyc on Thursday for selling unlicensed photos of Nike sneakers, marking the latest case over non-fungible tokens, or digital assets. StockX’s NFTs, according to Nike, infringe on its trademarks and are likely to mislead customers. Its complaint sought specific monetary damages as well as an injunction against its sale. Last year, StockX, a resale marketplace for sneakers, handbags, and other items located in Detroit, was valued at much more than $3.8 billion. A

3 Artificial Intelligence Applications for Entrepreneurs That Will Change Your Business

Artificial intelligence is the future of business when it comes to problem-solving. Artificial intelligence has the potential to completely revolutionise your company. It’s versatile enough to be used for everything including customer care to sales, and it’s also simple to set up. Artificial intelligence is already being used in several industries, but it’s just now making inroads into the small company world. We’re about to explore for some of the most effective ways that AI may help you as a business owner.

Budget 2022: Crypto tax clarifies things, but not everyone is pleased.

According to some analysts, the 30% tax rate would simply raise the financial burden on cryptocurrency investors, who’ll have to pay a third of their profits in taxes. The government’s planned taxation of digital assets has been hailed by cryptocurrency exchanges as a significant step toward recognizing cryptocurrencies as an emergent asset class. However, not everyone is pleased with the move, with some claiming that the 30% slab was too high. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced on Tuesday that virtual digital

Wordle, the game that has skyrocketed in popularity this month, has been purchased by the New York Times.

The New York Times has acquired Wordle, a famous online game that rose to prominence almost overnight. The move emphasizes the importance of the company’s games division, which includes crossword puzzles and the Spelling Bee, in attracting new customers. “The Times is committed to becoming the necessary subscription for anybody who wants to understand and connect with the world in English.” The New York Times Games are an important component of that approach, according to the corporation. The firm had around 980,000