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Bio-piracy related to Traditional Knowledge in India

Bio-piracy related to Traditional Knowledge in India   India is a place recognized as a hotspot of traditional knowledge and information. Varieties of scientific principles can be found within the arts of living, culture followed, historical events, etc., of Indian people. Traditional knowledge forms an essential part of life of rural areas and rationale behind it is that they are dependent upon natural habitats and agriculture. Bio-piracy draws a direct relation to intellectual property and to be more precise “traditional knowledge”. Traditional

IP Rights in Tattoos

IP Rights in Tattoos   Initially, it was a culture where people had a tendency of keeping items carved with designs as their showpiece but this thing has been given another status all together and current generation is engaged in engraving designs over their bodies considering it fashion. The vogue of having tattoos have become important fragment of life among youth these days. Somewhere it is believed that it reflects the personality of an individual. Every growing field is in necessity to

Apple One Launched in India, Other Markets

Apple One Launched in India, Other Markets   Apple One, the bundle of Apple Inc’s paid online services launched on October 30. The Apple One Bundle combines Apple’s news, music, video and cloud storage offerings, putting it in fiercer competition with music rivals such as Spotify Technology SA and television content rivals Netflix Inc, Walt Disney Co and AT&T Inc’s HBO. Apple in September also announced a paid fitness service called Apple Fitness+ that competes for the first time with some elements