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In FY22, Tata Motors filed a total of 125 patents relating to powertrain innovations, which is a new high for the company.

Tata Motors announced on Friday that it filed a record 125 patents in the last fiscal year related to powertrain innovations. According to the corporation, the number of patents submitted in the previous fiscal year was the greatest in the company’s history.

Tata Motors stated in a statement that the patents filed to cover a wide range of inventions and advances in traditional and new energy powertrain technologies, safety, connected vehicle technologies, body in white (BIW) and trims, and other vehicle systems.

In the fiscal year 2021-22, 56 patents were authorized out of the total filed.

“In the areas of innovative energy solutions, safety, product performance, cost of ownership, and digitization, we have developed a legacy of setting new benchmarks with cutting-edge technologies and features,” Tata Motors President and CTO Rajendra Petkar said.

The key to delivery has been an enabling culture and ecosystem that fosters employee innovation and the ambition to continually challenge the status quo in pursuit of greatness, he added.

“We are committed to using our engineering prowess to create world-class mobility solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs,” Petkar said.