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Startups don’t usually start out with a lot of asset base. This situation makes it even more important for a startup to identify & protect these intangible assets.

Investors look for startups who have well-defined & protected IP to do their business with, as it gives them a competitive advantage & builds them up for the future..

IP is an invaluable business tool for a startup. Unguarded IP is considered to be in the public domain, free for all to use. Bigger corporations take advantage of such situations, as they have the market experience & the funds to supersede these startups.

In addition to protecting its Patents and other forms of IP, a start-up must also know how to use such Patents and other forms of IP for its business benefit.

ENNOBLE IP offers IP services to start-ups having worked with more than 500 start-ups and filed several IP in the form of patents, design & copyrights with other forms of IP. Our team understands the resource constraints & challenges faced by an entrepreneur and are experts at devising tactics that maximize their IP value.

Following are the various services that we provide to startups:

  • Strategic Advising and Consulting.
  • Identification and Protection of IP
  • Providing IP strategies/Tools
  • Managing IP portfolio