EIP helps clients in protecting & managing their IP assets and IP portfolios, including research, technical writing, filing, registration, enforcement and licensing of patent, trademarks, copyrights and Designs.

An “En-Noble” lends greater dignity or nobility in innovation through novelty that triggers the journey of an idea en-route to a path breaking Innovation. At Ennoble IP, we endeavor to encourage, protect and commercialize Innovations.

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Our vision provides a direction and goal for all our undertakings. We aspire to become the market leader in IP by delivering state-of-the-art services and setting the industry standard for quality, security, stability and value on a worldwide scale.

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About US

Ennoble IP is an IP Consultancy focused to work for Startup, SMEs, Universities & Research Institute. Indian Universities, SMEs and Startups have huge potential and do lot of innovations, but lack of awareness put them behind and simultaneously lose their valuable IP assets. We at Ennoble IP take pledge to raise this awareness among Indian entity and protect their IP through best solution at reasonable cost.

Intellectual Property is being increasingly viewed as one of the most valuable intangible assets. Managing this important asset requires strategic planning along the lines of the company’s vision. We help clients identify, protect, manage and exploit their Intellectual Property to its full potential.


The DNA along with our Vision & Mission binds our team together and makes us unique.The following qualities define our DNA:



At Ennoble IP, we lay stress on ‘accountability through actions’ not only for our clients but also for our fellow team members.
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We recognize that our every client have unique requirements and no ‘one-size fits all’ solution exists.
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We believe that happiness of team members is paramount for ensuring happiness of clients.
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In the light of recent awareness of safeguarding knowledge, know-how and technology and how one should rightfully preserve it in their name, the next obstacle that a lot of us face is - who to turn to for making an IP, swarmed in a sea of options, we were lucky to connect with Ennoble IP. Together with our inputs, ideas, and suggestions, the filing was well designed, crisp clear and useful, so much that we banked on Ennoble to file not one, but two of those. We appreciate the support extended by Ennoble IP and their team, in particular, the efforts put in by Shweta herself for personally ensuring and checking each step of the filing is up to mark. We are enlighted to write this for Ennoble IP and thank Shweta and team for helping us out with everything involving IP, TM et al, so much that now we share a cherished rapport with them. We wish Ennoble IP the very best and do not shy from recommended and connecting others with them.

Shreya Singh

Co-founder - Car Laundry

Just a little note to say that I really appreciate Shweta, you and your staff for the help with the patent process. This was a lot more complicated and challenging than I expected. I did a lot of research before contacting you, and I now know that I made the right choice. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that you can apply for a patent on your own — this is better left to the professionals. You and your staff are professionals, and I would strongly recommend your services.

Ashish Raichura

Founder - Scanbo

We engaged Ennoble IP for our trademark registration requirements. They helped us understand the process, pointed out potential bottlenecks and guided us throughout the registration process. We found them to be professional, transparent and prompt in their services

Vishwajeet Sinha

Founder - Oxenfarm

Ennoble IP staff are detailed and precise professionals, who are experts at intellectual property services and inquiries. The support and work was essential in assisting my needs for a brilliant outcome.

Vinay Kothari

Founder - Godesi

I have referred a number of clients to Ennoble IP with Patent and Trade Mark issues. They have all remarked on his friendly service and depth of knowledge. The company`s IP Consultants have a deep understanding of Indian IP law that makes it an excellent resource if you are doing business in this marketplace.

Manoj Singh Sajwan

Co-founder - Startup Movers

Best Experience! I found staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Ennobleip help me in registration of trademark, patent, etc. Really it was a fruitful experience for me, I am very thankful to the whole team.

Arpit Agarwal

CEO, Founder(24e-Services Pvt. Ltd.)

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