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ENNOBLE IP is a market based intellectual property consulting firm which has built up a major client base among Startups, SMEs & Universities.
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    Providing Intellectual Property services including IP Valuation, licensing strategies with experts providing consultation to our various clients ranging from Startups,SMEs & Universities.

    Ennoble IP provides a wide range of patent services. the service provision includes, for example, everything that is required in order to get a patent.
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    Copyright | Registration | Design | Patent | Training



ENNOBLE IP provides training solutions that are developed accordingly, depending on the varying needs of Universities, Startups or Corporations.


ENNOBLE IP provides a wide range of patent services ranging from idea generation to commercialization.


We have a qualified and dedicated team of trademark agents who make use of their expertise to protect the signs, designs and symbols of various organizations.

Design Registration

A design registration (or a Industrial design registration) is granted for a novel ornamental design of an article of manufacture.


Copyright protects expression of thoughts and ideas in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, in any mode or form of expression.
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About Us

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ENNOBLE IP is a market based intellectual property consulting firm which has built up a major client base among Startups, SMEs & Universities. Our workforce possess an invaluable, cumulative experience of over 100+ years which helps us in guiding our clients as to how to handle their intangible assets. Our core areas of expertise lies within Patent, Trademark, Design, Copyright, Commercialization, Training.
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ENNOBLE IP provides relevant solutions for Startups, SMEs & Universities by hand-holding & showing them a better path.
  • Universities Solutions

    ENNOBLE IP looks after the Universities’ IP, so that the Universities can look after the bright minds of the future.

  • Startups Solutions

    ENNOBLE IP offers IP services so that startups can identify & protect their intangible assets that will help their growth.

  • SMEs/MSMEs Solutions

    ENNOBLE IP helps SMEs/MSMEs to identify, protect and market their IP assets as we seek to guide our clients in taking the right steps.

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